An Insurance Company Buried In Data

The Problem

Our client is a large scale insurance company who had mountains and mountains of data, but no streamlined way to view and understand the data in ways that would help their claims teams grow and drive the business.

They reached out to us to build them an end-to-end custom real-time claims dashboard from the existing data warehouse that would give them access to information and deep analytics to help the team analyze and discover trends across all of their product types.

They were fed up with wasting time trying to get accurate information from all their multitude of data sources – and having no clear understanding of different claims profiles on their business. Different claims have a critical impact on the business over different time periods so they knew it was vital for them to start setting up their claims teams for success – by enabling them to keep abreast of current & historic claims and settlements.

The Solution

Utilizing our agile process for dashboard development our team of data scientists created a powerful and custom Tableau dashboard which draws directly from their data lake (architecture and creation also by Intelligensee!) and gives insight to the team on how claims have affected the company.

The claims team can now track the development and execution of all claims and settlements in real-time and have a clear in-depth understanding of the impact to the business, and they can access it anytime, from anywhere.

The creation of this interactive dashboard and all of its filter functionality by claim type, geography, state, etc. enables the team to drill down as desired and compare against ongoing industry and company benchmarks.

The Results

  • Valuable insights and visibility into the performance of underwriters, adjusters and partner network
  • Increased visibility in day to day operations of the overall claims process
  • Identifying patterns in the claims process allowed for timely decisions and interactions with key stakeholders to deliver against key benchmarked KPIs

  • Utilize findings to create predictive models to better equip the claims team to deliver against key metrics

  • Through our agile and iterative approach the final design delivered an easy to use and intuitive real time solution that met their business objectives in less than 3 months with a significant ROI to the business