A CPG Company

The Problem

Our client wanted a solution to improve reporting by automating the current manual process for gathering and manipulating multiple data sources to help drive higher sales across multiple segments. The current multi-person approach was taking way too much time and effort and was filled with data integrity and accuracy issues.

The goal was to automate this process and also provide the ability to pull from multiple data sources and have the ability to layer in additional data in real time to fuel better decision making.

The Solution

By understanding the current datal collection workflows and processes allowed us to analyze and provide a clear recommended approach that achieved the client’s business objectives. By creating data integration automated ETL (extract, transform and load) workflows ensured that not only the correct data was provided but also gave the company flexibility to incorporate additional data sources for a more powerful dashboard.

We were not only able to provide a real time accurate dashboard to drive business decisions but also help to understand if an issue did arise which workflow was breaking down in the process.

The Results

  • Improved and accurate real-time data that allowed the organization to focus on making business decisions versus gathering and questioning data relevancy

  • Faster data processing timelines so the team could provide quicker recommendations/activities to affect the business

  • Effective data visualization into a real time dashboard that had the functionality to do deep dives and better glean insights on the business