How it started.

We’ve been there and felt the pain of not having access to the right data when it was needed which slowed us down and wasted time on the wrong activities.

We’re also data geeks, who’ve been operating in the data science world for an extended period of time and realized there has to be a better way.

Our journey was simple, it all began sitting in countless frustrating meetings with all levels of management all asking the same question:

“Why can’t I get all the accurate business data we need in one spot so we can make an intelligent decision, here and now?”

Then leaving those meetings with the daunting, time consuming task of compiling useful data from different teams across all the business lines – and trying to figure how how to do it on time, accurately, somehow visualized in a cohesive report. Sound familiar?

How it’s going.

We realized it was time to come up with a real and automated solution to streamline these cumbersome data processes.

Our team of data scientists created a system to take all data from any source and make it easy to visualize in one place.

We’re providing teams visual clarity from across a wide range of industries and throughout every aspect of an organization.

Why Choose Us?

What companies are saying about us.

Why Choose Us?

The Right Expertise

Our team has worked with and come from leading, forward thinking companies, consulting firms and educational institutions.

Cutting Edge Technology

Our team only utilizes the most advanced and modern tools to properly manage data and deliver visual clarity.

Industry Experience

We have experience in a wide range of industries and can work with any size organization.

Actually Affordable

The big consulting firms are already doing this – we’ve created a process that can get any company to the same place quicker and at a fraction of the cost.

What companies are saying about us.

What companies are saying about us.

What companies are saying about us.


“We use Intelligensee across multiple teams and projects because they were able to bring together all of our critical data and information needs into one place. Having this type of real time and accurate information easily accessible has saved us hundreds of hours of work and allowed our teams to have real time discussions and make much faster decisions to keep growing and fixing our business.

The Intelligensee team really listened to our needs and used their expertise to guide us in the overall process and continue to provide excellent ongoing customer service/support.”

— Steve Livingstone, CEO